Vanquish Products VS4-10 Currie D44 Rear Axle (Black) #VPS08380

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The Vanquish VS4-10 Currie D44 Rear Axle is an officially licensed Currie Enterprises RockJock 44 style axle. The D44 rear axle includes patent pending one-piece bearing retainers to create an incredibly scale and durable rear axle assembly. This axle offers an unmatched scale look and the strength needed to provide the most durable axle housing possible. D44 axles use Vanquish Products AR44 gear sets and spools. NOTE: This is not a complete axle assembly. The D44 requires hexes, hex pins, bearings, kingpin, knuckles, ring and pinion gear, and locker, as well as two 7x14x3.5 Bearings, one 5x14x5 Bearing and three 5x11x4 Bearings to complete. Features: Fully licensed by Currie Enterprises Comes with One Piece Bearing Retainers (Patent Pending) Rear Bearing Retainer Caps utilized to eliminate the need for lockouts and provide a more scale appearance Double shear shock mounts Recommended for use with the following: Vanquish VS4-10 Chassis Kit (VPS10130) Incision 90mm shocks (IRC00210) Vanquish Rod Ends and Pivot Balls (.280" width pivot balls)** Use in combination with Incision Link Kit (IRC00070 or IRC00071)*** Vanquish Products 6-Hole AR44 Gear set (VPS08330) Vanquish Products 6-hole AR44 Spool (VPS08070) NOTE: **Not for use with Vanquish Products Brass Pivot Balls (.300" width) ****Due to the nature of the AR44 gear design, proper shimming of the pinion gear may be required for optimal results. Includes: (1) Currie Rear Housing (2) Bearing Retainers (1) Currie Diff Cover (2) Axle End Caps Required hardware Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review